January 23, 2011

Where the Vintage Airplanes are - Sonoma

In my travels I have made it a point to visit what I would call vintage airplane "hot spots."  Airports around the country that are home to large collections of vintage airplanes.  One of those places is Sonoma, California.  I visited Sonoma a couple years back (see here for that trip report and go to the June 2006 Blog archive for all three of the posts) and was blown away at the high quality vintage aircraft that reside there.  The above picture is a Curtiss Jenny based at Schellville.  A recent post on the Plane Talk forum has my aviation photographer friend, Mike Shreeve, posting a nice selection of the fine airplanes from the Sonoma area.  Click on the link below and come along on a tour of the airplanes!  See the post here... Another Fine Day...

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military emblems said...

I love it how they restore vintage planes into what they look like some years back.

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