December 30, 2012

Flying de Havilland Mosquito - KA114

September 27th of this year a de Havilland Mosquito took to the skies again.  Owner Jerry Yegan and the restoration team at AvSpecs (based in New Zealand) poured their money and efforts into an amazing and what some said to be impossible restoration.  The mostly wooden construction was designed and built to fight a war and not last much past its wartime service. This team made Mosquito KA114 new... to fly again.

In my opinion this is THE restoration of 2012 and to see it flying this year is a major highlight.  Watch the newstand at your local book store as most major aviation magazines will feature this awesome restoration.  Be sure to check out Classic Wings magazine Issue 87 and Warbird Digest Issue 46.

To fly IN the Mosquito watch this outstanding video by Scott Slocum.  The video will surely bring a smile to your face as the sound of two Merlins ring out!

To see some additional heart stopping air to air photos click on this link...

Now I just hope I can see it fly in person sometime next year when it makes it to the United States!

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December 29, 2012

Kermit Weeks Grumman Duck

It was cold and even snowy here in Texas over the Christmas holiday but I found a video to fly me to a warmer climate.

Kermit Weeks has been posting a series of videos on YouTube called the "Kermie Cam."  Watch the series to fly along with Kermit in some of the rarest aircraft in his collection.  One of my recent favorites was the Grumman Duck. Biplane plus seaplane plus Grumman equals very cool!

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