November 15, 2008

195 Next Door

Most of us know how small the world is. Those of us in aviation circles know how small the aviation world is. We see a fellow pilot or airplane in some far away airport or they drop into our own airport. This is one of many stories that could be told about a particular airplane. This story is about the classic Cessna 195 in the hangar next door.

Just after I purchased my Cessna 170, a number of years ago, I needed to find a hangar for it and my Taylorcraft. A friend offered his large hangar for rent so I could house them both. The hangar next door was home to a Beech 18 and a Cessna 195. I caught the two classics outside one day and shot a picture. A few years later the owner decided to sell the 195. I happened to be at the airport when the new owner was preparing the airplane to fly off to its new home. At the time I figured I would never see the airplane again.

Fast forward to today I had heard that 195 passed through several owners and had been wrecked.

The hangar next door was sold and I met the new owner recently. He introduced himself one day while I was about to commit aviation in the 170. He mentioned that he wanted to find a 195. Well... you might guess which 195 he found being restored in a well know shop. The same 195 that use to live in the very hangar he just moved into. Just a few weeks ago I caught the newly restored 195 glowing in the lights of the hangar. What a difference a few years make. The shiney classic is not what it once was!

It is a small world. That same 195 now lives in the same hangar once again!

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