June 19, 2010

Hangar Tales - June 2010

Last weekend I spent Saturday morning at the hangar.  Upon arrival at the airport I stopped to visit with Doug, Ross and another wingman before they launched off to a fly-in in their RV-6s.  They were excited that I was going to join their formation flight as the slot.  WHAT?  My 170 keeping up with their RVs?  They laughed and all I could think about was them calling me Capt. Slow in my Cessna!  I am not sure I want to be like Capt. Slow from Top Gear so I let them go as a three ship.

The hangar that I rent has room for four airplanes in it and a new one is to move in this month.  A Cessna O-2 will occupy the spot where I am at.  Time for some cleaning, sweeping and trashing.  A bucket of old oil needed recycled so I grabbed it to empty and smelled a funny odder.  Mouse?  So I swept behind the shelves looking for a dead mouse.  Nothing.  OK... time to dump the oil... whoa... the oil smells bad!  What do you know I found three mice had fallen into the oil bucket!!  Has to be the most expensive mouse trap I could have ever thought of!  At least they didnt end up in the airplane!

On my way out I snapped a shot of the resident Super DC-3 owned by the owner of our little airport.  A big ship for this small place!

Today I did some more cleaning.  I didnt last long as the still air in the hangar was rather warm.  Hope to find some time to make a flight or two before taking the 170 down for annual the end of the month.

June 10, 2010

B-29 - All Four Turning

Thanks to Brad Pilgrim for the picture of the CAF B-29 "FiFi" running her newly built engines over Memorial Day weekend in Midland, Texas.  Now that the engines are installed and running plans are to return to the airshow circuit this summer after being absent for a few years.  Hats off to the crews, mechanics and engine builders!  Read about the process of returning her to the skies here.

June 7, 2010

Pacific Northwest Warbirds

Warbird enthusiast Al Sauer has posted some outstanding pictures from recent flying activities from the Flying Heritage Collection and the Historic Flight.  Check out the WIX forum post here.

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