March 9, 2012

Vintage Aviation Advertisements - Taylorcraft

This evening I was thumbing through several 1940s magazines and came across a few Taylorcraft advertisements.  I have a soft spot for the venerable Taylorcraft since that was the first airplane I owned.  When I first started looking for a Taylorcraft BC-12D back in 1991 I snapped up copies of FLYING magazine from the 1940s to look for anything and everything that had pictures of Taylorcrafts!  Almost every 1940s era issue had Taylorcraft ads!  The ads included great tag lines like... "Let's BUY a Taylorcraft too... and get more fun out of life" and "Time off for real fun" and my favorite ad was "Best buy in the sky"!

I have many fond memories of my adventures in mine.  Below is a photo of me and NC96542 just a few minutes before making a sunset flight.  For more pictures of my Taylorcraft follow the link below to and click on "my albums."

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