October 28, 2011

Flying Heritage Collection Adds a Shturmovik

The internet forums were all a buzz a couple weeks ago when the pictures and videos hit the world wide web.  An Ilyushin Il-2 "Shturmovik" was seen in the videos to be flying over Russia!  Where did it come from and who's was it!  The Flying Heritage Collection posted a news release that answered those questions.  The Il-2 is on a ship and headed for Everett, Washington to join Paul Allen's growing collection of historic aircraft.  Hats off to Mr. Allen for restoring such a rare ship.

Click here for the FHC press release - http://www.flyingheritage.com/TemplateMain.aspx?contentId=93

Links - Flying Heritage Collection - Ilyushin Il-2 History

October 24, 2011

Stinson Reflection

Here is another shot from the Texas Antique Fly-In.  I did a little editing and effects in iPhoto to create a small piece of art.  The vintage car hub cap gave off a cool reflection of the Stinson SR-10.  The shot below that is the vintage setting that set up the inspiration. Fun car and a GORGEOUS Stinson!

October 23, 2011

Rearwin Cloudster

This weekend I can hear the jets powering through the skies over Alliance Airport for the Fort Worth Airshow but my mind is back in time at last weekends antique fly-in.  Radial engines, biplanes and fabric are more to my liking!  One of the highlights from last weekend was Don Pellegreno's Rearwin Cloudster.  Don did a very nice job restoring this red beauty.  A few photos featured below.

October 19, 2011

Flying Over Fall Colors - Max Haynes

Fly along on a ride over the fall colors with ace air-to-air photographer Max Haynes.  This years fall color flight photo essay features a good looking group of T6/SNJs cruising over the Minnesota countryside.

Click here to join the flight... http://maxair2air.com/11AIR/2011FallColorFlight/01.html

Links - http://maxair2air.com

October 16, 2011

Texas Antique Fly-In 2011

The forecast was clear skies and light winds for this weekends Texas Antique Fly-In.  So I gassed up and flew the 170 the short flight north to Gainesville, Texas. This year my buddy Keith Moody rode along for the early morning flight up.  We arrived to 10 to 15 airplanes on the field and joined some friends enjoying the pancake breakfast.  As the morning passed the airplanes kept arriving.  We stopped to inspect airplanes around the field with the occasional stop to say hello to friends.  A few of this years highlights include a Rearwin Cloudster, Stinson SR-10, Howard DGA, DC-3, Call-air, N3N and Temco Pinto... and that is just a few.  I was going to call it good mid-morning and head back to my home airport when more airplanes kept arriving.  We made our visit last as long as possible then left just after lunch.  Another great event and great showing of rare aircraft types.  At the time of our departure there were well over 50 aircraft.  Pictures below showing a few highlights.  More pictures over at this gallery...

Rearwin Cloudster


Cessna 120

Corben Baby Ace


Lycoming Cub


Howard DGA

Stinson SR-10

Temco Pinto




The line up with a Stearman overhead

Link - http://texasantiqueairplane.org/ - http://antiqueairfield.com/

October 9, 2011

Spartan Executive - The story of N20200

Take a look over at Photorecon at the videos of Steve Marini telling stories about his Spartan Executive.


Want to know how many Spartan Executives survive today?  Take a look at our listing on our web site.  Click on "Spartan Executive" under the Featured Pages.


October 3, 2011

Stinson SR-8 at Rare Aircraft

While reading up on the blogs I follow I saw a post at Rare Aircraft's blog about their latest project.  Check out the blog posting about the Stinson SR-8B they are restoring!  Rare Aircraft turns out some finely detailed restorations.  So I am looking forward to keeping up with the progress on this rare beauty.  Follow the links below...

Rare Aircraft Blog - Stinson SR-8B

If you have not heard of Rare Aircraft take a few minutes to read up on them and click around on their photo filled web site!

Rare Aircraft - the web site

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