May 22, 2012

P-47 Snafu - First Flight

Running a few weeks late to post the pictures but as you can see the P-47 Thunderbolt named "Snafu" belonging to The Fighter Collection has flown!  It flew April 21 and is now flying its test time off so that it can fly the summer airshow season.  Very exciting to see a "razorback" P-47 in the air.  Friends of The Fighter Collection Blog has a short video clip from the first flight.  Click on the link below.

As more pictures become available I will post links or watch the Plane Talk forum.  Thanks to Brian Marshall for allowing us to post his photos.

Links - The Fighter Collection Blog - The Fighter Collection web site - Plane Talk Forum - Brian Marshall Photography

May 20, 2012

Hangar Time

It is May in Texas so I have switched from afternoons and evenings at the hangar for the cool mornings.  I spent two Saturday mornings chasing the smell of mouse in my airplane... again.  Not fun.  All cleaned out and some air freshener sprayed.  I am in the process of finding another way to keep the mice from crawling up the tailwheel.  A metal wall should be hard to scale!  When completed I will post more pictures.

Several vintage airplanes graced the blue skies while I was working on the 170 this morning.  A beautiful Cessna 195 and a really nice Waco UPF.  Ah... I love the sound of radials in the morning!  I was able to snap a couple of nice shots on their departure.

Let the summer flying season begin!

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