April 11, 2008

Goose dinged in landing accident

Interesting story out of Alaska where a Goose was landing and clipped a truck.

The story is here.... http://www.adn.com/news/alaska/aviation/story/372492.html

I was impressed that it was a scheduled commercial flight using the Goose. Vintage aircraft still earn their keep!

April 6, 2008

New Earhart Movie

Interesting emails have crossed my mailbox the last couple weeks about a new Amelia Earhart movie that is in production. A Lockheed 12 has been moved from FL to Canada! If more info comes to light I will post more!


A little late in posting... The Boeing 40 has flown... It flew mid-February. Here is a quote from Addison...

The test flight this weekend went perfect with my sons Jay and Ryan flying chase in our C-185 (Spot) loaded with video and camera.. I was able to fly the airplane hands-free within a few minutes of flight.. In all flight configurations I never used more than 1-1/2 degrees of trim change including slow flight at 55 mph. Cruise was dead center with the 29 percent MAC CG.. The airplane is very controllable and pleasant with excellent ground handling, good elevator, and very good rudder control and heavy but effective ailerons with a disproportionate amount of rudder needed for more than 50 percent travel. The visibility is very poor, but not difficult. The overwhelming surprise is stability! 'Like a rock.'

Congrats to the Pemberton's! Photo by Ryan Pemberton

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