April 10, 2011

Red Canoe Brands - Aviation Lifestyle Gear

When I found Red Canoe - National Heritage Brands I poured over their web site at my first visit.  Every detailed product page revealed sharp styles with historic logos.  As a serious aviation historian, pilot, and vintage aircraft owner I want authentic gear to match my level of enthusiasm for my favorite aircraft types and Red Canoe has just that!  They offer jackets, shirts, caps and bags sporting the logos of the most famous companies and air powers.  They have done their research and partnered with some of the most famous legacy aviation companies to represent a myriad of historic brands. For me, I want to see accuracy and attention to detail, and Red Canoe delivers!
Nostalgic logos from Boeing, Cessna, De Havilland, North American and early insignias from the United States Air Service, United States Army Air Corps and Royal Canadian Air Force adorn the high quality shirts and hats.
I have worn my USAAC roundel cap for over a year as my all purpose, aviation event hat! The fabric is strong as is the banding inside. This cap will stand the test of time in material quality as well as the nostalgic aviation value.
When family and friends ask you for gift ideas...steer them towards Red Canoe.  I now have several of their caps and shirts in my collection that were gifts.  The most recent addition, “The American Airlines 50 Cap,” came from my buddy, Jay Bogenreif, as a gift for being the Best Man in his wedding.  Now THAT is a good friend!  (My buddy Jay and I pictured above flying my Cessna 170B over North Texas. I am wearing my USAAC roundel cap.)
If you are shopping for recognizable aviation brands for your aviation adventure lifestyle...I highly recommend Red Canoe!

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Happy pilots in hats!

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