February 6, 2011

Warbirds For Sale - 2011

So, you have been saving your Benjamins.  Working hard so you can buy that toy you dreamed of as a kid, or as an adult?  That bank account balance looks high enough to achieve the dream.  Where do you find your dream machine?  Wheel that office chair up to computer and start shopping.

The internet is where I turn when seeking out who is buying, selling and flying vintage aircraft.  In the aviation world, Warbirds seem to have the most coverage on the internet so a good number of web sites, blogs and forums are listed when searching the subject. If you happened to have landed here from an internet search engine, welcome and below you will find links to the Warbird sites that I frequently visit.  Whether you are an enthusiast tracking Warbird sales out of curiosity or a serious shopper for a rare Warbird these are the links where they can be found.

Courtesy Aircraft Sales
Platinum Fighter Sales
Trade A Plane

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