February 7, 2011

Aerial Beauties - The Most Beautiful Vintage Airplanes

A note from my friend Jeff today had my mind racing this afternoon.  What are my top ten favorite airplanes?  We talked of what our guidelines were... existing airplanes... extinct types... and just what we thought were the most beautiful airplanes ever built.  Beauty, as in what an aviation and even non-aviation person would think is a good looking shape for an airplane. So I separated my personal list from the "most beautiful" list.  Here is what I came up with...

Aerial Beauties - Hughes Racer, Spitfire, Lockheed Constellation, Ryan STA, Lockheed 12, Lockheed P-38, Beech Staggerwing, Stinson SR-9F, Spartan Executive.  I know that is only nine!  It is hard to pick the last one!

I will wait to share my all time favorites for another post.  What aircraft do YOU consider the most beautiful machines that ever flew or fly today?


Frank Van Haste said...

Hi, Dan!

I like your list...the Spit', the Connie and the Staggerwing are among my faves.

I talked about the "prettiest bird" question in a blog post a year or so ago. If you want to have a look, it's HERE.

Love your work. Take care,


David Pitcairn said...

Spartan Executive is my number 9. Then a tie between the Northrop and Lockheed low wing beauties like the Beta and Sirius/Altair.

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