May 20, 2007

Chino 2007 - Sunday

Sunday was almost and exact repeat of Saturdays airshow schedule. The fog burned off alittle sooner that Saturday. Was able to use different settings on the camera and think some of the P38 pics turned out better. Only one minor incident in the show today... an F86 was doing a fast flyby and lost one of its drop tanks. Landed out in the grass next to the runway so no harm done. Another great day of Warbird flying! Had a nice cool breeze blowing and I am showing signs of being out in the sun! See the pics here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

THX...for your fanatastic photos of all those classic Warbirds!!!!
My Father and I are especially euphoric over the "STARS" of the show...The Lightnings. We had flown from TPA and ATL through SLC to ONT and the drive to Chino plus the flights back home to see these "bad boys" The weather and our fabulous positions were allmost as good as your photos !!!

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