June 24, 2006

Just a normal Saturday?

My Saturday started out looking like a good morning to fly. As I arrived at the airport several RVs and a Swift were launching off for some formation flying. A couple other friends were just about to take off too. So I pulled the 170 out to fly. As I headed west I noticed a low layer of clouds off in the distance. Come to find out the formation decided to return to the airport as well as my other friends! The cloud layer was moving toward the airport. I crossed over the top of the airport to enter the landing pattern and decided to let the other traffic land and flew out east a few miles. Still hazy but clear to the east. I landed and parked at Geezer HQ. After visiting with some friends for about an hour we launched off again. I chased my friend Phil in his Champ... well.... the chase didn't last long since he was flying at 80 MPH! I put in twenty degrees of flaps to stay in formation with him! When I broke off the formation to head back toward the airport I noticed the grey outline of an MD11 overhead. It looked like a whale coming through the clouds. FedEx was descending thru the puffy clouds on approach into Alliance (AFW). Then off to the North I spotted a hot air balloon. I flew by and waved to the riders in the basket. On entering the pattern a buddy of mine was on the taxiway taking pictures. (See the photo above. Thanks Ross!) As a part of the normal Saturday operations I cleaned up the 170 and walked up to the cafe for lunch. After lunch we were sitting around Geezer HQ watching arriving and departing aircraft... (why do they teach all new student pilots that no flap landings at 85 MPH are the norm??) ...when we all looked up at the same time to see an Aeronca heading right for us! It was on takeoff roll and lost directional control and came across the grass and onto the taxiway... we heard one of the tires bark... and then it made a slow turn back into the grass! That added a few moments of excitement to our afternoon! The Aeronca was fine... so it taxied back to the runway and departed! Ah... another fun day at the airport. OK.... time for me to go home...

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