April 19, 2006

They Will Fly

Will we ever see a _____ fly again? How many hangar flying sessions have you heard when an aviation enthusiast talked about seeing a extinct aircraft type fly again? It has happened to me at my home airport and while talking among friends at airshows around the country. What will we see fly again?
As I watched the documentary called The Restorers I was pleasantly surprised to see several Boeing 100s under construction out in Arizona. One wrecked airframe was used as a pattern to start a small production run. Collector Kermit Weeks is slated to take multiple examples from this run. Rumor is that one will be patterned after the highly modified 100 that Howard Hughes owned!
Another rumor yet to be confirmed is a production run of Lockheed Vega's! These wooden speedsters dominated the races and record flights of the 1930's, the Golden Age of Aviation. How many will we see? Who took the time to build the large concrete molds for the fuselage structures? Hopefully this project will surface in the near future!
The sole Gee Bee QED does survive down in Mexico but it was only on videos that we have seen one fly. Word is out that one is under construction up in Washington state. This is another rare machine that will shock the aviation historians when it takes to the skies!
As for some rare Warbird types the Mosquito population exists only in museum displays and none of the type are flyable. Avspecs Limited in New Zealand is building up new airframe components for The Fighter Factory's example of the Mosquito. New wooded airframe components for a COMPLETE Mosquito! At what point did someone say... hey... lets start cutting up pieces of wood and build us a new Mosquito! Can't wait to see an airborne Mosquito again!
Rare and extinct aircraft will fly again! We are fortunate to live in a time in history when we can experience almost every era of flight all at the same time!
Blue Skies,
DT Linn

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