March 16, 2015

St. Louis Robin - Curtiss Robin History Relived

Last November 15th I made the trip down to near Waco, Texas to see a historic airplane. A Curtiss Robin named The St. Louis Robin. Terry Bowden and his crew prepared the Robin for flight after it has been sitting for many years. Kelly Mahon would do the piloting. What took place on that day in November was not just some friends gathering to see the airplane... or even see it make a flight... there were family members of the original record breaking flight on hand! They all wanted to see history!

Dale Jackson and Forest O'Brine flew this very Curtiss Robin on a record breaking endurance flight of 420 hours and 21 minutes. Follow the link below to read Terry Bowden's blog with the back story on this historic Curtiss Robin.

Barnstormer's Random Aeronautics

A quick flight around the pattern was made and then Kelly took two of the three family members, relatives of Jackson and O'Brine, for a flight. An amazing day reconnecting to a historic event!

The St. Louis Robin

Close up of the name

View from the pilot's seat - "Like flying a jungle gym" said pilot Kelly Mahon

Curitss Robin

The Curtiss Challenger engine

A booklet preserved from the historic flight

Terry and Kelly prepare for engine start with a visiting Cessna 195 looking on

On take off roll

Pilot Kelly Mahon with the relatives of Jackson and O'Brine
The crew and the Curtiss Robin
 For more historic photos follow this link... St. Louis Today photos

Also.... a video featuring the St. Louis Robin... video

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