January 26, 2014

North to the Orient - Erik Lindbergh

Recently announced on Erik Lindbergh's Powering Imagination web site is his plan to fly the Orient again like his famous Grandparents, Charles and Anne Lindbergh.

The Lindbergh's Lockheed Sirius
The news brief below was taken from the Powering Imagination web site...

North to the Orient
In 1931 Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh took off for a groundbreaking flight from the US to China, via Canada, Siberia, and Japan. This flight showed the world the potential for aviation to bring the world together. This journey was immortalized in Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s book: “North to the Orient” and was also captured in the photos from this 30,000 mile journey that were immortalized in an extensive photo essay in National Geographic Magazine.
In 2016 to commemorate the 85th anniversary of his grandparents’ flight, Erik Lindbergh plans to retrace this journey in a plane powered by biofuels. This adventure will show the possibilities that new sustainable power technologies create, and it will allow Powering Imagination to directly bring its message to Canada, Siberia, Japan, and China. While this flight is a tribute to the original, Erik plans to continue beyond the terminus of the original journey to connect with more people in new locations.
In conjunction with the journey, a feature documentary on this flight will also be filmed for global distribution. The documentary will cover the adventure, the message of sustainability, and the cultural connections between the people along Erik’s flight path. Planning for the 2016 departure starts in 2014!

Should be an exciting trip to bring aviation and new technology back to mainstream news!

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