September 12, 2012

Ryan STA - New Kid on the Block

In mid-August part of the crew from Cowtown Aerocrafters made the trip from Texas to California to retrieve the newest addition to the hangar.  Lanny Parcell and Mark Todd airlined to California, rented a truck and picked up Ryan STA, serial number 162, NC17357 to bring to Texas.  NC17357 had been owned for many years by the late Don Carter and he based the Ryan in Sonoma.  A Texas based partnership will now return the Ryan to flight and base it at the Cowtown hangar in Justin, Texas.  Below are a few photos of the Ryan STA.

Lanny with the Ryan in Sonoma

The Ryan at its new Texas base

A brand new engine log book sits atop the spare Menasco

The Ryan STA cowling... just read the name aloud!

Mark trying out the snug cockpit

The data plate on the spare Menasco

The neat and tidy cockpit

I just had to try the Ryan on for size!
The partnership has hopes to return the Ryan to flight status next year.  Hats off to the new owners and their efforts to dust off and polish up another vintage airplane to return to the skies!

Links - Ryan ST Survivors Page

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