July 26, 2012

Lockheed Vega to be restored to flight

Good news for Lockheed Vega fans!  Kermit Weeks has sent his Vega to Jim Kimball Enterprises to be restored to flight.  Thanks to Jeff Eicher for the photo above of the Vega on arrival at the Kimball's shop.  This Vega spent many years on display at the EAA Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin until it was purchased by Kermit a few years ago.  It has been on static display at Kermit's Fantasy of Flight until recently.  We look forward to seeing this Florida based beauty return to the skies!  It wears the color scheme of the famous Vega the "Winnie Mae" but is not the real Wiley Post Vega.  The Smithsonian National Air and Space museum in Washington D.C. is home to the real "Winnie Mae."  (My photo below of the Winnie Mae on display in D.C.)

Also coming to light is the restoration of another Lockheed Vega that will return to flight.  Differing from Kermit's all wood example is the metal fuselage model being restored in Arizona.  Click over to the Antique Airfield web site for photos of this restoration in progress.  Follow this link - http://antiqueairfield.com/articles/show/1268-vega-restoration-tail-installed-and-connected

If I were restoring a Vega.... this photo below would be my inspirational photo on the wall of the hangar!

Few Vegas survive today.  So to see one is a rare sight.  The possibility of two returning to flight is exceptionally rare and delightfully exciting!

Links - Fantasy of Flight, Jim Kimball Enterprises, Smithsonian, Antique Airfield

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