September 29, 2010

The Sky To Myself

Left work today and headed straight to the airport for some flying therapy.  Took a few minutes to sweep the hangar, clean the windshield and air up the tires.  Took off with about an hour of day light left.  The skies were empty!  Well... of general aviation airplanes.  The skies near DFW Airport are never very empty!

Headed out Northeast of town to fly over a friends/coworkers new house.  Adam was out in the back yard waving at me as I circled.  That side of town, near Frisco, has really built up in the last ten years.  There is even a runway behind Adams house that was once to be a corporate airport but it never took off, so to speak.

Flew back toward the Northwest side of town, near Justin.  Not much activity at the little private airfields.  It was the perfect night to fly so I am surprised that there were not more people up.  Light North winds, unlimited visibility and about 80 degrees.  Doesn't get much better than that!  How could I be the only one out enjoying this?  Oh... there goes a Champ flying at tree top level.  Good... someone else taking advantage of the perfect flying conditions!

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