August 1, 2010

Texas Summer

The summer is passing by rather quickly this year.  As always there is yard work and household chores that fill the summer task lists.  For most aviation enthusiasts July means it is Oshkosh time.  I knew I wouldnt make it up this year as the family had a Colorado trip planned.  We spent a week in the mountains near South Fork, CO and enjoyed the cool weather, mountain scenery, some hiking and fly-fishing.

Before the trip I opened up the 170 for the annual inspection and turned my mechanic loose.  A few issues popped up this year.  One cylinder needed work along with some exhaust brackets.  The last piece to address is the broken spinner back plate.  It appears that age has caught up with the back plate and a new spinner and back plate are on order.  Hopefully it will arrive in the mail soon so I can drop it off to be painted.  A few friends have asked why don't I just polish it.  What?  I don't need MORE to polish on this airplane!  Anyway... it came out of the factory painted so it will be painted to match the cream trim color.

I have been looking over a few pictures posted from Oshkosh on various web sites and forums.  The weather was a factor this year as the show grounds became soaked with some serious amounts of rain!  It sounds like the weather improved for the later part of the show as some show aircraft arrived on WED and THUR of the event.  A few highlights that I noticed were... the Hamilton Metalplane, the replica Caudron racer, over 20 DC-3s, several new Mustang restorations and one outstanding Corsair restoration.  When I can round up some links to the highlight pictures I will post them.

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