June 19, 2010

Hangar Tales - June 2010

Last weekend I spent Saturday morning at the hangar.  Upon arrival at the airport I stopped to visit with Doug, Ross and another wingman before they launched off to a fly-in in their RV-6s.  They were excited that I was going to join their formation flight as the slot.  WHAT?  My 170 keeping up with their RVs?  They laughed and all I could think about was them calling me Capt. Slow in my Cessna!  I am not sure I want to be like Capt. Slow from Top Gear so I let them go as a three ship.

The hangar that I rent has room for four airplanes in it and a new one is to move in this month.  A Cessna O-2 will occupy the spot where I am at.  Time for some cleaning, sweeping and trashing.  A bucket of old oil needed recycled so I grabbed it to empty and smelled a funny odder.  Mouse?  So I swept behind the shelves looking for a dead mouse.  Nothing.  OK... time to dump the oil... whoa... the oil smells bad!  What do you know I found three mice had fallen into the oil bucket!!  Has to be the most expensive mouse trap I could have ever thought of!  At least they didnt end up in the airplane!

On my way out I snapped a shot of the resident Super DC-3 owned by the owner of our little airport.  A big ship for this small place!

Today I did some more cleaning.  I didnt last long as the still air in the hangar was rather warm.  Hope to find some time to make a flight or two before taking the 170 down for annual the end of the month.

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