May 30, 2010

Chino Wrap Up

To wrap up the posts on Chino here are the links to the pictures from that long weekend.  As noted were spent some time at the Yanks Air Museum shooting pictures of their outstanding Curtiss Robin.  Detailed Robin pictures are here.  This is one of three Curtiss Robins they have.  This one being powered by a Challenger radial.

The welcome shade from the California sun was provided by my friend Les Whittlesey at his hangar.  The hangar that he calls the Cal-Aero Aviation Country Club.  If you want to develop a serious case of hangar envy take a look at these pictures!  Thanks again Les for the place to hang out! (The picture above is my wife and I standing with Les's award winning Lockheed 12.)

The complete gallery of edited airshow pictures is here.  A great Warbird Airshow and an amazing long weekend with my lovely bride.


Jean Marie Elkins said...

Hi! My elderly father had his first flying experience in a Curtiss Robin in Michigan back in the twenties. I am not an airplane buff, but I am wondering if you know how I could research to find the original plane? I know the owner's name and the fact that it was 7-cylinders, but that's about it. Your pictures are beautiful by the way...they perked up my father's day! His stories are amazing and they are all he has left. It was great to give him a visual piece to go with them.

Dan Linn said...

Wow, happy to have someone who had flown a Robin so long again enjoy the pictures. There might be a couple ways to research which Robin that was but being so long ago would make it challenging! A picture or a registration number would make it a lot easier. Maybe you could email more more details. Be sure to show him the pictures on the Curtiss Robin here...

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