November 29, 2009

Always Polishing

The Friday after Thanksgiving was a perfect airport day. Mild temperatures, sunny skies and light winds in the morning. A formation of 4 Rv's and a Swift were out keeping their skills sharp. I took the 170 up for about an hour. The winds aloft were blowing 20 knots out of the West. A sign of a windy afternoon to come. After looking over a few grass strips for activity I made a pass over my house for some pictures. Fun to wave at the family on the ground as I flew over. They are even visible in my picture!
Back at the airport I put the 170 in the hangar and went lunch with some friends. The 170 had been polished by a hired crew back in June and is starting to need some touch up. I broke out the Nuvite polish and worked on the leading edges. The hired crew used their brand of polish and it is starting to show. The shine just didnt last as long as when I do it with Nuvite. So over the winter I plan to go over the whole ship again to bring back that deep Nuvite shine. One area of the wing shined up and I pulled on the dust covers to head to the house. Another great day at the airport.
Thankful for family, friends and God's gift of flight this Holiday weekend!

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