September 1, 2008

Lockheed 12 Flies Again!

Good news! Lockheed 12, N1108, s/n 1227 has flown out of Santa Paula airport in California to it's new home in Georgia! It will be restored and grace the skies once again! (Photo by Ron Eyanson)


Anonymous said...

This aircraft once belonged to Panair do Brasil, a Brazilian Air Company closed on 1965. It was sold back to the US in the 40's and we've lost track of it until now. It's very good to know that it's in good flight conditions.

Best regards !

Jason Vogel said...

It would be fantastic if the new owner put the original paint scheme of Panair do Brasil on it.

This is the last Panair survivor! We have some photos of this Electra operating in Rio de Janeiro during the 40's.

Dan Linn said...

Latest update - Spring 2017. This airframe will soon move to Texas for restoration. If anyone who previously commented (Mr. Vogal) has photos of this Lockheed in Brazil please contact me! We are searching for more in depth of this serial number, 1227.

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