September 2, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Really haven't done much in the way of aviation activities since Oshkosh. It really has been a warm Texas summer. So I just haven't had the energy to go out and endure the heat to fly the 170.
I took Friday off of work and went to the airport early in the morning to pull the 170 out. It was about 76 outside, which made for a nice morning to fly! After filling up with fuel I decided to point the 170 West toward Breckenridge, Texas. I know a few guys that work at Ezell Aviation where they restore World War Two aircraft. In the shop were two Sea Furys, an F4U-4 Corsair and a P-38. The two Furys were being worked on in preparation for the Reno Air Races that start in two weeks. The Corsair has most of the airframe work complete. The P-38 is the former "White Lightning" and is being restored for The Flying Bulls out of Austria. The metal fabrication of parts for the P-38 is amazing! This will be an amazing airplane once it is completed and the aluminum is polished! For more pictures of the P-38 restoration check here.
The flight out took just over an hour (99 miles) with the flight back taking just 50 minutes. Felt good to put some time on the 170. Hope to do more flying this weekend as weather allows.

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