March 12, 2006

This day wouldn't be complete without...

... a ride in an RV8... or would it be getting my hands dirty working on the 170... or would it be enjoying time with fellow flying friends... or would it be wishing a good friend a HAPPY BIRTHDAY... or seeing a vintage fighter fly overhead? Well... all of the above! I was able to jump in the backseat of an RV8 with Randy to shoot pictures of Bill in another RV8. After the quick ride in the RV8 I had my dad help me take the flaps and ailerons off the 170 for some paint. It is annual time and I am going to do some detailing on the 170. For lunch is was back to Geezer H.Q. for a cookout and birthday party of Ed, our resident Ercoupe driver. To top off the birthday celebration we had a Hawker Fury flyby to wish Ed a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It was another great day at the airport!

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