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Monocoupe - Video featuring a CA based Monocoupe

I am a big fan of the Monocoupe line of vintage aircraft and found this video over on the Antique Airfield web site.  Take the eight minutes and watch if you love vintage airplanes and especially the Monocoupe.  The featured Monocoupe is based in Sonoma, CA.

Video Link -

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Vintage Aviation Advertisements - Eaglerock

This past week I was sorting some early period, vintage magazines from the 1928 and 1929.  Some of the rare gems I pulled from the advertisement pages were of the Alexander Eaglerock biplanes.  The text from one of the ads caught my attention... "The response to the throttle - the quick takeoff - the life - the movement - the control at all speeds - the spirit - the color - the things you have always wished for in an airplane..."  I love it!  "The Life"!!  Were they talking about the life of a pilot?  The life of an aircraft owner?  The life that comes with the status of an aviator flying the skies in an Eaglerock?  I want to think is all of those!  Enjoy these classy advertisements.

When I did some research to find a photo of a current flying Eaglerock I found Walter Bowe's beautiful example listed for sale on  Thank you to Walter for sending me a nice air-to-air photo of him flying his Eaglerock and allowing me to publish it.  What a time m…

The Fighter Collection P-47 - Engine Run and Details

The Fighter Collection based in Duxford, England has run the engine on their P-47 and the restoration details continue to be evident from the above picture by Brian Marshall.  Thanks to Brian for allowing us to post the picture.  What a stunning example this will be of Republic's Thunderbolt!

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Vintage Aviation Advertisements - Argo, Buhl Airsedan and Command-Aire

Looking and feeling a little more like winter time here in Texas.  As I type this Sunday evening the snow is falling outside.  Glad we made our trip out to see the movie "Red Tails" earlier in the day!

I just finished sorting my sold items for eBay and listed a few more items.  So much aviation memorabilia and only so much room in the closet and garage.  Well, actually I do have the room BUT I do want to pass on some items to others so I can continue to focus in on the items I want.  Like Aero Digest magazines and unique aviation advertisements.  Below are three more from my collection.

This Argo ad is one of the rare ones.  I like the line... "Fly an Argo, for fun or profit. Soon will the plane be a part of you."

Nice one of the Command-Aire.  "For after all, it takes a flight to convince anyone as to the performance - including stability - of a plane."

One of my favorite line of advertisements is from the Berryloid Aircraft Finishes, Berry Brothers comp…

Vintage Aviation Advertisements - Monocoupe and Staggerwing

It is a cool Saturday afternoon.  It feels a little more like winter today with 20 kt North winds and 36 degree temps.  So I am cleaning up the office, sorting magazines and looking thru a pile of vintage aviation advertisements.  These ads really do take me back to simpler times.  This Monocoupe ad is great. Really?  Cheaper to run than a small car?  Small cars were different back then!

The art work on this Beechcraft Staggerwing ad is really cool.  Wouldn't you like a poster of that art work on your office or hangar wall!?  THAT would be an amazing statement!

I will be posting more vintage aviation advertisements so check back soon.

Sunny Sunday Flight

Some days I wonder why my fellow aircraft owners aren't pulling their airplanes out to enjoy the nice warm winter days we can have here in Texas.  Last Sunday was one of those warm days and only a few people were out at the airport.  Were they sitting at home missing this great flying day?  A south breeze and 60 degree temps just begs for the airplane to be flown!

Before making a flight I took a few minutes to polish something on the 170.  It was just the hub caps and the venturi's but at least I did SOMETHING!  My goal over the next couple months is to polish a part of the 170, big or small, every time I step foot in the hangar.  Maybe a good portion of the airplane will be polished by the time the summer heat kicks in.

I pulled the 170 out for a quick flight to a local airstrip to visit some friends so I could check on the progress of their T6 project.  Since my last post the wings and engine are now mounted.  With the big pieces on now the systems and engine accessories are g…