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California Vacation 2011 - Part Five

Day six of the trip began with breakfast in our room.  Yes, blue skies again greeted us for our morning departure.  We ran by Starbucks to snag some drinks and then hit the road.  The leisurely drive lead us back to Napa Valley, as it offered many more enticing destinations yet to behold.  This would be our last full day so we planned to drive to the furthest winery away first thing in the morning and then spend the day working our way back toward Sonoma.
On the highway between Sonoma and Napa you can't help but see Domaine Carneros dominating the hillside.  It was early in the morning so they were not open yet but the French style architecture begged to be photographed.

After a quick stop at Domaine Carneros, our next destination for the day would be Mumm Napa.  They are a sparkling wine producer and offer tastings out on a picturesque veranda.  The Ansel Adams photo gallery was another highlight to this unique place.

The town of Yountville looked to be a fun stop for lunch and mo…

California Vacation 2011 - Part Four

The amazing vacation weather continued on the Wednesday morning of our trip.  Bright blue skies greeted us as we walked out of the hotel to cross the street to breakfast.  It was back to the Barking Dog for a to-go breakfast.  The goal was to make it up to the Sterling winery by mid-morning for the aerial tram ride to the top of the hill.  Our route had us driving over the hills on Trinity Road to the northeast toward St. Helena.  Candice and I mentioned several times on the trip how we wanted to steer clear of the bigger towns and visit small town America.  The winding road over to the Napa valley gave us amazing views of the scenery near small town America!

Napa valley is surrounded by green hills and more wineries as far as the eyes could see.  Is there a way to get a better view of the valley?  An airplane ride would sure to it!  There is another way, as well.  Find your way to the hilltop Sterling Vineyards via their aerial tram!   The commanding white stucco building on the hill…

California Vacation 2011 - Part Three

We awoke to another cool, sunny California day so we walked to the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn diner called Big 3 for breakfast.  True diner feel and true diner food.  With the two hour time difference from Texas we were trying to get on schedule when our bodies needed food!  Over breakfast we planned our days route up towards Geyserville.

Highway 12, that goes right by our hotel, took us northeast along the edge of the hills toward Santa Rosa.  There are large estate homes, ranches and wineries all along 12.  A white and red trimmed Cessna 170 caught our eye sitting at the edge of a field nestled against the trees.  It didn't appear to be much of a runway.  Just a field that was big enough for a local to slide in and out in his own personal airplane.
Back on track we continued on to the north.  Some traffic slowed us down as we worked our way through Santa Rosa to catch the 101 North.

Our first stop of the day was the Clos Du Bois winery.  It was a short walk through to take a few…