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Vintage Wings P-40 Flies

This story was posted on a forum reporting that the Vintage Wings of Canada P-40 had its first post restoration flight and was its first flight in 65 years! Vintage Wings as assembled a rare collection or World War Two fighters in recent years. The P-40 first flight was in New Zealand and will travel to Canada in the near future.

Vintage Wings P-40 article here.

P-40F Flies Downunder

This just posted on the PlaneTalk forum... F model P-40 first flight in Australia. The F model is powered by the Merlin and not the usual Allison that most other models flew behind. Check out the pictures here!


The "Horseman" team is flying the Corpus Christi airshow this weekend in three F8F Bearcats! As pictures become available I will post some or provide links. Over on Airshow Buzz some videos have been posted of their practice sessions.

Bearcat of Another Color

Over on WIX there is a forum post of a newly painted Bearcat. Nice to see another scheme other than blue... even though I prefer the blue. The Bearcats that flew for the Thai Air Force flew in this overall silver scheme. Pictures are here.

Cub Waits in Barn for 59 Years

Read this story in the Texas Antique Airplane Assoc. newsletter and had to post it! What a cool story and amazing find. Enjoy! Thanks Jared for letting me post it.

Cub Waits in Barn for 59 Years
By Jared Calvert

When I first step in the barn I realize building a clip-wing Cub will have to wait. I stood by myself, in awe at the sight. I was only told the plane, built in Lock Haven in 1946, had been sitting for “a while”. I figured a high time, beat-up Cub would be a good base for a clip-wing and make a nice hangar mate for my Pitts. But seeing the short lightning bolt, “Cub” inscribed tires and cotton fabric, I knew this Cub had been in this barn for a very long time. It would have to be restored to original.

NC7057H, a Piper J3-C-65, was purchased new for $2,352.00 by Charles Moseley of Santa Anna, TX. After taking possession of the aircraft in Fort Worth and flying it home to Coleman Co, Moseley’s airplane had flown 16.5 hours. For three years Charles and his daughter Charlotte flew th…

Backyard DC-3

Was flying the 170 around West of Justin, Texas earlier this evening and came upon this DC-3 sitting in someones backyard! It is at the South end of Fairview airfield.

Addison Texas Spartan

I made a visit to Addison airport, North of Dallas, last week to attend the FLYING magazine Parade of Planes. While I was there I was able to arrange a visit to see Spartan Executive s/n 26. Very clean, very nice. The metal is nice and straight... not a dent or a ding in the clean light gray and blue paint scheme. In talking with the owner, Bobby Lett, he suspected that since this ship flew with the military it has been wearing full paint since it left the service. S/N 26 was in the service from 1943-1945. It flew in the USAAC as 42-38266 . The Des Moines Register newspaper was its first owner and it was fully polished when it left Spartan.

Additional Spartan news...

S/N 17 is making progress toward flight. Current work has its legs being rebuilt so it can stand on its own wheels again. Centennial Aircraft Services is returning this ship to flight status.

S/N 13 is also being brought back to flight status. Follow the progress of this ships rebuild here.