De Plane - Grumman Widgeon from Fantasy Island

Back in 2003 my dad and I flew the 170 up to Bartlesville, OK for the annual fly-in.  The weather was great and it was a nice flight.  Clear blue skies.  This was one of my first aviation events with my new digital camera.  The event produce a good number of great pictures.

One unique airplane on the field for the event was the Grumman Widgeon N4453.  This Widgeon has the radial engine conversion so it looks much like its big brother the Grumman Goose.  When I inspected the airplane I was surprised to see that this airplane's history had it on TV for the show "Fantasy Island" as "De Plane."  N4453 now calls Brandson, Missouri home.  Included in this post are a few pictures of this famous seaplane.


Anonymous said…
That interior has been gorgeously redone! Looks like it would be a heck of a nice ride to meet Mr. Rourke and Tattoo.
justgayle said…
I upholstered this aircraft around 1984 in New Smyrna, Fl. Just curious as to where it is now.
Anonymous said…
I remember building a wing for it after they flipped it ....

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