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Windy Day in Texas

Last Sunday was an awesome flying day. Flew the 170 to enjoy the unlimited visibility and light winds. It is a bit windy in Texas today so I just did lunch with my airport friends. Winds gusting to 37mph! Will spend the rest of the day scanning some pictures for the web site and off to church with the family.


Saw this music video posted on the WIX forum. Mechanical music that is! Fly along on a flight of two P-47 Thunderbolts. There is nothing like the roar of an R-2800 and to hear two is just musical! Check it out! These Thunderbolts are based at the TN Museum of Aviation.

P-47 Progress

While looking thru the forum posts on Plane Talk yesterday I came across some recent pictures of the P-47 under restoration with The Fighter Collection at Duxford. Years ago this P-47 was on display at the Lone Star Flight Museum but had not flown in years. The picture above in the "Little Demon" markings is a shot I took while it was in Texas in the early 1990's. When I heard it was to be restored I made note to follow along as best I could. This "razorback" P-47 will be one of the few P-47s flying of this model. I hope to post more pictures as it nears flight. Thanks to Brian for permission to post his picture.

Corporate Wings

The Antique Airplane Association has announced its fly-in is going to feature Corporate Wings this year. Check out the details on their site. A gathering of Howards should be worth the trip!

Web Site Updates

Hello friends... I have spent some time today updating my web pages. Most of my site work has been concentrated on moving the aviation content from my personal site to Hopefully the search engines will catch up with my move. My rare aircraft listings have been on for years! Countless hours have been spent researching these rare survivors. Several contributors have send recent pictures of rare ships that have been hiding in hangars either in storage or under restoration. Be sure to check back often as I add content on a regular basis. My research and development continues!