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On my way home from work today I stopped by the news stand and thumbed through the May 2011 issues of AEROPLANE.  I was pleasantly surprised to see my friend Les Whittlesey's Waco featured inside.  Snag a copy to see a great write up and pictures by Frank Mormillo.  This ZPF-7 is one of my favorite Waco's as it is a customized version with many slick mods.  Below is a shot I took of his California based Waco.

Classic Fighters 2011 - New Zealand Airshow

Pictures are being posted on the internet forums from the Classic Fighters show down in New Zealand.  Follow the link below and be sure to click thru all of the pages!

Thunderbolt Restoration Progress

The Fighter Collection is making good progress on the restoration of their P-47 Thunderbolt.  The hope is that it will fly this year in time to make a few showings during this airshow season.  One of a few rare "Razorback" models, this Thunderbolt will be a great addition to the line up at Duxford as the type flew many missions from that famous airfield.  We look forward to seeing the paint scheme applied and it thundering into the skies once again!  Special thanks goes out to Brian Marshall for permission to post his pictures taken just a few days ago. More of Brian's pictures are posted on the Plane Talk forum here...

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P-40C Takes to the Air!

John Lamont is lining up for the first test flight. Well done to the Avspecs team! (photo - Colin Hunter)
News is circulating that another P-40C has flown!  Special thanks go out to Colin Hunter for allowing me to post a picture of Rod Lewis's P-40C that is fresh from restoration at Avspecs Limited in New Zealand.  This rare Curtiss is one of only a handful of early C model P-40s.  It has been restored with a Pearl Harbor paint scheme.  Watch for news of more amazing restorations coming from the Avspecs!  Mosquito and Spitfire's are currently making progress in their shop.  See more of Colin's great photos using the link below.
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North Texas Spring - 2011

After a windy week in North Texas the winds let up for our little airport to come alive with antique, classic and contemporary classic airplanes!  Northwest Regional Airport in Roanoke, Texas shows its variety when the weather makes it perfect for flying.

Winged Derringer
Aeronca Champ
Super Chipmunk
Two Husky's
Contemporary Classic Apache 235
Super Swift
Cessna 120
Stinson 108-3
Taylorcraft landing in the grass
Apache 235
Davis project

Red Canoe Brands - Aviation Lifestyle Gear

When I found Red Canoe - National Heritage Brands I poured over their web site at my first visit.  Every detailed product page revealed sharp styles with historic logos.  As a serious aviation historian, pilot, and vintage aircraft owner I want authentic gear to match my level of enthusiasm for my favorite aircraft types and Red Canoe has just that!  They offer jackets, shirts, caps and bags sporting the logos of the most famous companies and air powers.  They have done their research and partnered with some of the most famous legacy aviation companies to represent a myriad of historic brands. For me, I want to see accuracy and attention to detail, and Red Canoe delivers! Nostalgic logos from Boeing, Cessna, De Havilland, North American and early insignias from the United States Air Service, United States Army Air Corps and Royal Canadian Air Force adorn the high quality shirts and hats. I have worn my USAAC roundel cap for over a year as my all purpose, aviation event hat! The fabric i…

Lockheed 10 to Make World Flight in 2012

The 1935 Lockheed 10E, serial number 1015, N72GT is being prepared to make another around the world flight in 2012.  The Women Have Wings Organization is supporting the "Global Courage Flight" that will fly the famous flight attempted by Amelia Earhart back in 1937.  This same Lockheed celebrated the 60th anniversary of Earhart's attempt back in 1997 by flying around the world.  The 2012 flight will be the 75th anniversary of Earhart's flight.

The Lockheed was flown recently to California from its hangar in New Mexico.  It will be brought back to full operational flying status and prepared for the world flight in 2012.  The photo above from Steve Dickey was taken a few years ago at its hangar in New Mexico.

For more details about "Women Have Wings" visit their web site...

For those interested in reading about the 30th anniversary Earhart flight look up the book "World Flight, The Earhart Trail" by Ann Holtgren Pelle…