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Cessna 170 History

We scanned another cool advertisement for the collection. The Cessna 170 is dear to my aviation heart as I owned one for 17 years. The 170B is an outstanding airplane. 115mph cruise, 4 people could go for a local ride, 2 people could enjoy a cross country trip with bags. A nice flying tailwheel classic. This advertisement shows a 1956 170B and mine looked just like this. It had blue and cream trim with lots of polished metal. Best I can tell from the paperwork mine was the 14th 1956 model built. Great memories of a great airplane. This is a fun ad. The big flaps are shown to scale with a finely dressed man and the little girl sleeps in the back seat! It was a nice quiet airplane but not really quiet enough for napping children! We will keep scanning ads just like this one for our Classic Cessna collection to be offered in the next month or two on our Patreon. Join us on the journey in aviation history through vintage advertisements! Link to Patreon here.

For more history on the Cessna 17…

Patreon Charter Subscription

It has been a busy and productive week at the Another Time office. We initiated a new scanning system that turned out to work quite well! The advanced set up allows for faster processing with even clearer resolution. We captured over 90 images in about two hours! The attached Curtiss-Wright sample was an office favorite and the October download bundle for patrons will be fabulous!
We are excited about the numerous possibilities for use with these incredible images. Not only are we working together to preserve the history of the aircraft ads and make them accessible to others, we are also eager to hear about all of the creative ways patrons will utilize them.  How would you use the images? Whatever your reason for becoming a patron, let us know how you make use of your monthly downloads and we will post your ideas on our Patreon page!  This week we are excited to offer a free aviation book for the first five charter subscribers to our Patreon library project. When you join any one of our…