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Waco and Lockheed Flyin - Chino

October 18th thru the 21st.

On Thursday when the flight took off from DFW the skies were clear blue and the visibility was unlimited.The Dallas skyline showed crystal clear.I knew the flight might be a fun one when as we boarded the airplane I noticed that the Capt had a rubber chicken stuck in the windshield wiper on the MD80!It didn’t take long and the Capt was making jokes on the PA and offering a bottle of liquid refreshment to whoever could announce the most popular attraction at Disney World!Crazy pilot.Once we were up and cruising I pulled out the ipod to listen to some new music from Mainstay and Rush of Fools.The older couple sitting next to me also settled in and even pulled out their ipods!Guess everyone is gearing up with ipods! It was hard to hold back a laugh as the lady scrolled down to The Backstreet Boys as her choice of tunes for the flight!While flying along I noticed the highest mountain tops all had snow on them.Must have been a little cooler in CO than in TX.About…