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Vintage Flyers III - An Interview with Eric Presten

When I am researching vintage aircraft out of personal interest, an article for this blog or to answer a friends question about a rare type I grab one of the books off my shelf published by Eric Presten.  Eric has traveled the globe to fill his self published books with quality photos of rare aircraft types.  His newest release, VINTAGE FLYERS III is a must have for the vintage aircraft enthusiast.
This past summer my wife and I traveled to Sonoma, California on vacation.  We made a point to spend some time with the Presten's and Eric was kind enough to give us a preview of his new book.  VINTAGE FLYERS III is now available for purchase.  For the readers of this blog I interviewed Eric so that you could get a glimpse behind the scenes of his newest release.
Dan:Vintage Flyers III is your newest release, What sets this book apart from your previous projects? Eric: We have covered 144 new types that have not been covered in previous volumes in the series.  There are over 660 pictures t…

Veterans Day 11-11-11

Thank you to all the Veterans for your service to your country!
Last Friday was Veteran's Day and I took the day off to spend the day with friends and family.  The first activity for the day was breakfast out at my buddy Stan's hangar.  Stan and friends were flying a formation flight and then cooking up a pancake breakfast.  I played photographer and enjoyed the action from the ground.

The formation flight was Stan in his Swift and Ross, Danny, Randy and Bob in their RVs.

As the gaggle taxied back in Lynn got the pancakes cooking.  Good times, good food, good friends!

The photo gallery page from the airport is here -
I spent the rest of the day with the family around the barn.  A great way to make 11-11-11 a memorable day!

Beaver flying at Kenmore Air

Float flying is some of the most fun I have had while flying.  Low, slow and behind a radial engine.  That is some really cool flying!  Ride along with AOPA in this video on Kenmore's Beavers that they fly in and around Seattle.

Custom Stearman at Rare Air

Check out the custom 450 Stearman that is coming together at Rare Air!  Bright colors, custom paint scheme and a growling 450.  Should be a show stopper!

Updates on their blog here - (post from November 2, 2011)