February 2, 2012

Sunny Sunday Flight

Shiney hub caps
Some days I wonder why my fellow aircraft owners aren't pulling their airplanes out to enjoy the nice warm winter days we can have here in Texas.  Last Sunday was one of those warm days and only a few people were out at the airport.  Were they sitting at home missing this great flying day?  A south breeze and 60 degree temps just begs for the airplane to be flown!

Before making a flight I took a few minutes to polish something on the 170.  It was just the hub caps and the venturi's but at least I did SOMETHING!  My goal over the next couple months is to polish a part of the 170, big or small, every time I step foot in the hangar.  Maybe a good portion of the airplane will be polished by the time the summer heat kicks in.

I pulled the 170 out for a quick flight to a local airstrip to visit some friends so I could check on the progress of their T6 project.  Since my last post the wings and engine are now mounted.  With the big pieces on now the systems and engine accessories are going in.  Flying this summer? We will see!
Cowtown Aerocrafters T6
As I was preparing to fly home a round motored engine noise filled the sky and a beautiful yellow Waco crossed over the airport.  Ah, good!  Another vintage airplane owner DID decided to come out to fly in the great weather!

Back at my hangar I snapped a couple pictures on a neighbors Cessna 140 being polished up.  It was cool to see a 140, 170 and 195 all in one place.  The whole vintage Cessna family right there to make a picture.
140, 170 and 195
The Waco winged its way back into the traffic pattern so I jumped on the Honda scooter to run up the the runway to snap a few photos.
Waco UPF-7
Another nice day to hang out at the airport, fly a little and see some vintage airplanes.

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