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When looking at how aviation has advanced we see how technology has assisted in navigation and operations but not necessarily the way aerial transportation looks. With a few exceptions aircraft still have design carry over from the 1940s. There is still piston engine, propeller driven aircraft rolling off the assembly lines from the top general aviation manufactures today! In the March 2006 issue of Business 2.0 there is an article by Burt Rutan called Why Space Needs You. In the article Rutan mentions the advancement of aviation and how " was lone entrepreneurs who succeeded in the important pioneering efforts." Rutan states about the beginning of powered flight, "They quickly followed the solutions for business activities: air shows within six years, barnstorming within 14 years, airmail flights within 15 years, and competitive airline service within 23 years of the Wright brothers first flight." Rutan goes on to tell about where he thinks we will be in just…


Welcome to my blog. I will be writing commentary about vintage aircraft and more.

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