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CAF B24 Makes Midland Newspaper

04/25/2007 Diamond Lil restored to original configuration Stephanie Miller Staff Writer
Midland Reporter-Telegram
World's only second B-24 also receives new name Though it's taken approximately seven months and countless hours of work, crew members are close to completing the restoration of the CAF's B-24, with a new look and new nose art to be revealed next month.
The CAF's B-24, known as Diamond Lil, is one of two flying B-24s in the world, said Kay Crites, director of public relations for the Commemorative Air Force (CAF). The Collings Foundation owns one and the CAF purchased its B-24 in 1968. Now after several months and nearly 3,000 hours of manpower, Diamond Lil has been restored to her original B-24A configuration. "It's the new and improved version of our B-24. We're excited to have her return to her more historically accurate configuration," Crites said. "It's an important part of our mission to tell the story of Worl…

P38s Over Chino

After posting a few pictures of Glacier Girl in Texas I saw pictures of her now in California. Last weekend the Planes of Fame flew their P38 along with Glacier Girl... so 2 P38s in formation together! Thanks to Brandon K. for the picture! A rare sight! The plan for the Chino Airshow in May is for 3 P38s to fly together. Already have my reservations made for THAT show!!

One more from Steve

Steve Dickey sent me quite a few pictures of Glacier Girl when she made her stop in Breckenridge so I just had to post another!

B24 make over progress

The make over for the CAF B24A is nearing completion. To read about the task and see the details follow this link. If you want to jump ahead it appears that there are now over 100 pages of posts on the forum topic!!