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Another Super Corsair to Fly

Odegaard Aviation up in North Dakota is making great progress on their second F2G Corsair.  Their first was the famous race number 57.  It now lives in Arizona with a new owner.  Odegaard Aviations web site now has pictures posted of the restoration progress on racer number 74Check it out here.  Wow... looking good!
(The above image from

Lockheed 12 Project

Ray Walker, owner of Lockheed 12 serial number 1292, has listed his project for sale on  Let's spread the word and find a good owner who will return it to it's former glory!

LOCKHEED 12A PROJECT • $60,000 • FOR SALE • I have decided to sell my L-12 project due to lack of time to complete. Aircraft has been in storage since 1967. Some corrosion in airframe. Aircraft needs extensive rebuild. Project comes with four R-985 cores and four Ham-Std hydormatic props. There are 2 (like new) extra outboard wing pannels ailerons and flaps. Late serial number. A fair amount of extra L-12 parts including worm gears, oil tanks etc. I have more pictures that can be sent to you. Located in South Texas, contact Ray Walker at 940-735-1425 • Contact Ray A. Walker - WALKER AVIATION CO.,

DC-7 Returns to the Air

First flight video of the Historic Flight Foundations DC-7 is now online.

Check it out here.

D.C. For The Day

Some adventures take weeks or months of planning.  Some are just thought up over dinner with friends.  My buddy Jay and I had been talking about a day trip somewhere to see an aviation museum or event.  So after he made a flight to D.C. for work he asked me about the Dulles NASM and was it worth the trip to see it.  A resounding yes from me put the trip planning in motion.  He had only toured downtown D.C. and wanted to go back to see the museum.  About two weeks ago our schedules looked like they would allow a day trip to Dulles on July 2nd.  I took a day off work and he sorted out the passes on the airline.  My excitement to be his tour guide in "Americas Hangar" and his flight privileges would make the trip come together.

My wife helped me pack up my gear for the day and sent me out the door when Jay pulled up at 5:15am.  Do all adventures have to start so early in the morning?!  We launched out of DFW on a 6:55am flight to IAD.  It even worked out to takes some open sea…

Waco Reunion 2010

Andy Heins has posted his pictures from this years reunion over on the Vintage Aircraft side of WIX.

Check part one out here.

And part two here.