Vintage Aviation Advertisements - Eaglerock

This past week I was sorting some early period, vintage magazines from the 1928 and 1929.  Some of the rare gems I pulled from the advertisement pages were of the Alexander Eaglerock biplanes.  The text from one of the ads caught my attention... "The response to the throttle - the quick takeoff - the life - the movement - the control at all speeds - the spirit - the color - the things you have always wished for in an airplane..."  I love it!  "The Life"!!  Were they talking about the life of a pilot?  The life of an aircraft owner?  The life that comes with the status of an aviator flying the skies in an Eaglerock?  I want to think is all of those!  Enjoy these classy advertisements.

When I did some research to find a photo of a current flying Eaglerock I found Walter Bowe's beautiful example listed for sale on  Thank you to Walter for sending me a nice air-to-air photo of him flying his Eaglerock and allowing me to publish it.  What a time machine!  Interested in owning this rare ship?  Look up Alexander Eaglerock on


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