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AIRICs Hamilton Air Show 2013 Review

Eric Dumigan is a photographer I have been following for many years.  Eric shot some awesome photos at this years Hamilton Air Show.  How many Merlin engines can you count!?  Lancaster, Mosquito, Spitfire and Hurricane in formation!

Links - Eric Dumigan AIRIC

Red Bull P-38 Lightning and F4U Corsair over France

Another awesome video to share.  This one from inside the Red Bull P-38 Lightning and F4U Corsair over the La Ferta Alais airshow in France.  The use of the GoPro cameras in airshow aircraft, especially Warbirds, really has me excited.  What an awesome way to experience flight in these historic aircraft!  Enjoy the video...

Links - The Flying Bulls - GoPro

Spitfire 944 - Short Film

This short film came through my email a couple days ago.  Really a great story showing a veteran film footage of his landing mishap for the first time!  Check out Spitfire 944.