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One Reason

I really like the simplicity of flying vintage airplanes. Now it is nice to live in the Information Age and enjoy the technology we have but some things in life should be simple. I like flying simple airplanes. My 170 is pretty basic. There is a portable GPS mounted on my panel but there is no "glass cockpit" new fangled avionics in my machine. Above is a picture of just one of the projects I helped tackle at work this week. Removal of an overhead panel in a Challenger 604 simulator to install some maps lights. Yes... all that for some fancy lights! (note the cockpit layout drawing so that I know how to put it back together!) Wow... I am glad I only do this for work! (I laughed when my sister noted that we should have just duct taped up a flashlight to the overhead panel!) Adding new batteries to my GPS is about the extent of the avionics work I have had to do on my machine! So this is one reason I will stick to flying simple flying machines like the 170.

LSFM Hurricane

Photos have made it online of the Lone Star Flight Museums recent Hurricane restoration. Look for the forum posts in The WIX Hangar. Thanks to Steve for this photo on its stop in Breckenridge, Texas on the way to the paint shop near Houston.

Chino Warbirds

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts the Planes of Fame Airshow was this past weekend and there are now pictures online! Go to Warbird Aero Press and then to the message board. There are forum topics titled Chino under the Air Racing board that have some spectacular photos on them! This Tigercat is one of my favorite Warbirds... awesome power with two 2800s! Also note the good looking new paint scheme added to the Planes of Fame P51A! Thanks to Scott Germain for the photos!

Flying to the Edge

It was a great evening to pull the 170 out and do some flying. Light North winds and about 80 deg. As I pulled the 170 out of the hangar a friend of mine yelled HELLO from a Cub coming in for a landing. Grassroots flying at its best when you can say HELLO to a friend on the ground from a flying Cub! Other than the Cub there was no one else out flying. I had the airport all to myself.
I took off and flew North of Denton. I stayed low so that I could see if the hangars were open at the different grass strips I was flying over. No one home at most of the strips until I found the doors open at Edgington Ranch. As I flew over an RV8 and a Bird Dog were landing. Five airplanes were on the lawn in front of the hangar so that made for a great picture. After visiting for a few minutes I launched off to enjoy the perfect flying weather. Took a few more pictures of the scenery as I made my way back to the home airport. One shot is from short final to Flying S in Justin where we will have our AAA…


With the Texas temperatures in a constant state of flux I have been picky about my days I choose to go flying lately. On some of the cooler days (like yesterday, the 13th) I have been polishing on the upper surfaces of the 170s flaps and ailerons. They are in need of some serious work after the paint work done of them. The cleaner used to prep the lower surfaces bled through the paper and left some residue that is proving to be stubborn! I have been polishing with Nuvite F7 (from Perfect Polish) and it is working quite well. Hope to have made good progress on polishing out the wings this month. So the last time I flew was on the 6th. Should be able to do some flying later this week as the weather is looking good.

Rare Seversky

Came across this great picture on Warbird Aero Press last week and had to post it. Scott Germain shot this air-to-air of the Planes of Fame Seversky as they were preparing for their annual airshow out in Chino, CA. Should be another great show. As pictures from the show become available I will post a link to them here. I would have loved to have made it for this years show as I attended a couple years ago. My west coast event for this year will be the Antique Airplane Associations fly-in out in Merced, CA the first weekend in June.

Black Widow

The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum has issued a press release and photos of the recent progress on the restoration of their P-61 Black Widow. This will become the only flyable P-61! It is great to see this rare bird on its gear! See the press release here.