February 12, 2012

Vintage Aviation Advertisements - Argo, Buhl Airsedan and Command-Aire

Looking and feeling a little more like winter time here in Texas.  As I type this Sunday evening the snow is falling outside.  Glad we made our trip out to see the movie "Red Tails" earlier in the day!

I just finished sorting my sold items for eBay and listed a few more items.  So much aviation memorabilia and only so much room in the closet and garage.  Well, actually I do have the room BUT I do want to pass on some items to others so I can continue to focus in on the items I want.  Like Aero Digest magazines and unique aviation advertisements.  Below are three more from my collection.

This Argo ad is one of the rare ones.  I like the line... "Fly an Argo, for fun or profit. Soon will the plane be a part of you."

Nice one of the Command-Aire.  "For after all, it takes a flight to convince anyone as to the performance - including stability - of a plane."

One of my favorite line of advertisements is from the Berryloid Aircraft Finishes, Berry Brothers company.  Their ads were full color and all feature these very interesting schemes featuring colors from birds.  This one showing the Ruby-throated Humming Bird color scheme.  Wouldn't that be cool to see today!

I am having fun looking thru all these ads.  Still more to come!


Ryan Keough said...

Hi Dan,

Great blog you have going here! I also love to get my hands on vintage aviation magazines for their advertising content as well and agree that the Berryloid ad series is one of my favorites as well! I was fortunate enough to have been given about 60 vintage "Aeroplane" magazines from England from 1939 to 1948 and there are a lot of really obscure British aircraft ads in them as well... I should scan those and start posting them as well!

Keep up the great work!

All the best,
Ryan Keough

Dan Linn said...

Thanks, Ryan!
If I am not at the airport flying or polishing I can be found sorting and reading vintage magazines. In sorting my recent acquisitions I found a few magazines missing covers or with water damage. Those are being pulled apart for the advertisements. So many cool ads with well written copy and amazing artwork! We will have to compare our Berryloid ads.
Blue Skies,

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