On my way home from work today I stopped by the news stand and thumbed through the May 2011 issues of AEROPLANE.  I was pleasantly surprised to see my friend Les Whittlesey's Waco featured inside.  Snag a copy to see a great write up and pictures by Frank Mormillo.  This ZPF-7 is one of my favorite Waco's as it is a customized version with many slick mods.  Below is a shot I took of his California based Waco.


dstaats001 said…
There used to be a silver and blue ZPF-7 attend the Texas AAA fly-in at Denton in the 1980's. It attended several years in a row. I looked forward to seeing it. Somewhere in my photos I have a couple of snapshots. What ever happened to it?
Dan Linn said…
Not sure if I have a photo of that silver one but it might be in the background of some of my shots as I do remember a silver Waco. I will do some digging.

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