May 1, 2011

B-29 - History Made Everyday

When I walked into the Vintage Flying Museum hangar yesterday it was hard not to grin.  A B-29 SuperFortress was sitting in the hangar.  A hangar that housed B-29's many years ago and now one sits under its high arches once again.  Granted the hangar was moved from a bomber base to Ft. Worth's Meacham Field after World War Two but B-29's lived within its walls in a previous life.  I dropped by the museum to see the CAF B-29 "Fifi" as my buddy Brad Pilgrim was down from his Air Force post in Altus, OK working on the big bomber.  We spent about an hour inside the bomber telling stories of seeing it flying at airshows when we were younger.  Now the bomber is back on a regular flying schedule thanks to Brad and many dedicated volunteers.  Every time it flies it makes history as the only flying B-29 in the world.  History is made everyday and I was able to sit behind the controls and see what a front row seat to history looks like.  It is a good seat!  Thanks Brad.  Another good memory in my aviation experiences logbook in life.

 Links - B-29 B-24 Squadron, Vintage Flying Museum, CAF


Anonymous said...

Memorial Day weekend i was fortunate to take a flight on the mighty FIFI.It was an awesome experience for me and everyone else on this flight. We are lucky to have such capable and dedicated people keeping this magnificient machine flying.Thank you.Claudio P. Farmingdale N.Y.

Dan Linn said...

Claudio... once in a lifetime flight! I bet that was truly amazing!

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