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Lockheed 10 to Make World Flight in 2012

The 1935 Lockheed 10E, serial number 1015, N72GT is being prepared to make another around the world flight in 2012.  The Women Have Wings Organization is supporting the "Global Courage Flight" that will fly the famous flight attempted by Amelia Earhart back in 1937.  This same Lockheed celebrated the 60th anniversary of Earhart's attempt back in 1997 by flying around the world.  The 2012 flight will be the 75th anniversary of Earhart's flight.

The Lockheed was flown recently to California from its hangar in New Mexico.  It will be brought back to full operational flying status and prepared for the world flight in 2012.  The photo above from Steve Dickey was taken a few years ago at its hangar in New Mexico.

For more details about "Women Have Wings" visit their web site...

For those interested in reading about the 30th anniversary Earhart flight look up the book "World Flight, The Earhart Trail" by Ann Holtgren Pellegreno.  A great read about the author flying around the world in Lockheed 10, serial number 1112 back in 1967.

To see pictures of surviving Lockheed 10s visit our site...

(EDITORS NOTE - it appears this flight around the world was canceled and the Lockheed was put up for sale.  Dan - July 26, 2012)


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