October 27, 2013

Lindbergh Monocoupe

In 1934 the Lindberghs purchased a Moncoupe D-145.  The registration number was unique as it was the same as Linderghs "Spirit of St. Louis" - NR-211.  At the time he was a PanAm consultant and traveled all over the country.  In September of 1934 the Lindberghs flew the Monocoupe coast-to-coast.  They kept the airplane until it was donated to the Missouri Historical Society in 1940.  Recently NR-211 was re-hung in the Lambert International Airport in St. Louis after a refurbishment.  Take a few minutes to watch this video of the Monocoupe being hoisted into position.

Re-hang of the Lindbergh Monocoupe at Lambert International Airport from Missouri History Museum on Vimeo.


NSEG said...

It is indeed a beautiful airplane. Interestingly enough, Lindbergh was not a fan of this particular Monocoupe. In his journal (April 17, 1940) he wrote: "It is one of the most difficult planes to handle I have ever flown. The take-off is slow, the aileron control sluggish, and the landing tricky. In fact aside from its appearance, which is quite neat for a high-winged monoplane, the Lambert is almost everything an airplane ought not to be."

Dan Linn said...

Thanks for adding to the history and the story. I further read that the airplane had to be repaired after a ground loop. So it indeed was a handful!

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