October 4, 2013

Boeing 100 - Kermit Weeks Video Tour

 Airplane collector Kermit Weeks has been posting a series of videos that he titles the "Kermie Cam" and gives watchers a unique view into his world.  I sat down the other night with my son, Brennen, in my lap and watched this video of Kermit giving a tour of the restoration shop that is restoring his Boeing 100.  This Boeing biplane was produced as the civilian model 100, the Navy F4B and the Army P-12.  Take the 30 minutes to watch and listen close as Kermit talks about these rare airplanes, interviews the restorer, Roy Rehm, and shows us around the amazingly organized workshop.  The model I am most interested in is the unique Boeing 100 previously owned by Howard Hughes!

Here is a series of photos of the Howard Hughes Boeing 100.  WOWIE!

Links - Kermit Weeks Fantasy of Flight

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Great work! What dedication! As a former "Red Ripper" I need to address the lightning bolt on the right side of Navy F4B N926R. The bolt must originate in the upper left corner of the shield not the upper right. I hope someone will convey this to Mr. Weeks, the insignia appears to be correct on the left side of the fuse. As all else is perfect it would be a shame to see it inaccurate in this small detail.(In Heraldic code the left upper to right lower denotes an out of wedlock birthright) this is a major part of the Ripper heritage (86 yrs) V/R Bill "Swoose" Hertel

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