March 5, 2006

Airport Day

This Saturday was full of airport activity. Northwest Regional airport (52F) is one of the largest private airports in the country as far as based aircraft. This little airport is home to over 500 general aviation aircraft. Now all of those aircraft may not fly on a regular basis but the majority does. One of the highlights for me being based there is the quantity of vintage aircraft. Stearmans to Swifts. Champs to Cubs. A large variety of vintage Cessnas, and the list goes on. My group of friends that I spend time with on the weekends has been called by many names but the one that has stuck is The Muppets. Read more about the name here. The hangar in which we convene is called Geezer Headquarters. General, informal meetings are held at Geezer Hq. to discuss all matter of topics but most of the talk is aviation related. Several of the members are vintage car owners and enthusiasts so one project on Saturday was to help unload a model T Ford body. While the car parts were being unloaded I was at my hangar working on the 170. The ailerons and flaps are coming off to get painted and the annual will be done over the next couple weeks. I will post pictures of the 170 project later this week. So it was a good day with good times.

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