Grumman Duck - One of a kind

Grumman Duck NL63850
When the Mid America Flight Museum in Mt. Pleasant, Texas flew a Grumman Duck to their hangar they added a second Pearl Harbor survivor to the collection. Two Pearl Harbor surviving aircraft in one collection. That's historic. That's something I had to see.

My dad, son and I made the drive out to visit the airport during a World War Two pilot reunion in mid-October. The Duck was on our must see list so we sought it out and gave it a good walk around. Featured below are photos of Grumman Duck NL63850.

Navy birds

I believe this Duck to be one of a kind because of its Pearl Harbor history. Yes, other Duck's survive but none like this one. This one is on the same airport as a Ford Trimotor that was also on the island December 7th, 1941. Thank you to Mid America Flight Museum for saving and flying history!

Ford Trimotor NC9612


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